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This tool showcases videos of artists, and resources in, or visiting our community, and credits the people creating them in a locally based, publicly available manner.

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The Choir at Rifflandia 2015: Ones Who Love You (Alvvays cov...
In this Video Artist(s) The Choir Resource(s): Rifflandia Festival, Victoria Music Scene Show(s):   The Choir @ Royal Athletic Park Sep 18 2015, @ Dec 31 1969
Posted: Apr. 26, 2016
Filmed: Sep. 18, 2015
Thomas Leeb - Albino/Last Minute
In this Video Artist(s) Thomas Leeb
Posted: Sep. 16, 2014
Powder Blues - 1991 pt 2 Hear That Guitar Ring
In this Video Artist(s) Powder Blues
Posted: Sep. 28, 2016
Filmed: Jan. 1, 1991
The Wardells - Coming Back From The Dead, Llve at Harpo's 1989
In this Video Artist(s) The Wardells Resource(s): Harpo's
Posted: Jun. 30, 2016
Filmed: Jan. 1, 1989
Vaultry - Ghost Writing (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO)
In this Video Artist(s) Vaultry
Posted: Feb. 5, 2017
John Ford - Ass, Gass, Grass
In this Video Artist(s) John Ford Resource(s): Railway Club
Posted: Jun. 26, 2014
UNO FEST 2016 TrailerUno Fest 2016 Trailer
In this Video Resource(s): UNO Fest
Posted: May. 18, 2016
Test 4 Echo, A Tribute to Rush -= 2015 Promo =-
In this Video Artist(s) TEST 4 ECHO
Posted: Sep. 11, 2015
Filmed: Jul. 1, 2015
AZTEC - Small Fangs (Acoustic)
In this Video Artist(s) AZTEC
Posted: Feb. 19, 2015
Victoria Music Hall Of Fame Social 2008
In this Video Artist(s) Ernie Niederer, Dave Cornock, Tom Leddy, Stu Ruff, Len Siemens Resource(s): Cruel Shoes Rock 'n' Blues Band
Posted: Dec. 21, 2015 via
Filmed: Apr. 4, 2008
Task Force Lupine Loser
Posted: Dec. 18, 2015 via
Filmed: Jan. 1, 1984
Pernell Reichert Band-I Can Kick It All
In this Video Artist(s) Pernell Reichert
Posted: May. 12, 2015
Victoria Arts Live - Janet Rogers
In this Video Artist(s) Janet Rogers Resource(s): Peter Sandmark, Victoria Arts Council
Posted: Mar. 18, 2016
Filmed: Aug. 8, 2011
Valdy introduces Playground Hero
In this Video Artist(s) Playground Hero, Jack Jazlowiecki Resource(s): Harpo's
Posted: Dec. 17, 2015 via
Filmed: Jan. 1, 1994
Bananafish Dance Orchestra - Turn it up
In this Video Artist(s) Bananafish Dance Orchestra
Posted: Jun. 12, 2014
Bad Hoo - Mystery Tugs
In this Video Artist(s) Bad Hoo
Posted: Sep. 19, 2016
When I Get Through With You
Posted: Jul. 28, 2015
Filmed: Jul. 25, 2015
In this Video Artist(s) Kataklysm
Posted: Dec. 25, 2013 via
Arcadian Suns - Open Road ( Live at OCL )
In this Video Artist(s) Arcadian Suns
Posted: Jun. 30, 2017
" Ministrony Soup " exhibit at The Ministry of Casual Living
In this Video Artist(s) Peter Allen, Leah Mousseau, Luis Enrique Oliver, Ben Raymer, Nicholas Robins, Shawn Shepherd , Bryan Skjersven, Morgana Wallace , Erik Volet, Justin Moose, Jonatan Kjāllquist, Brendan Bennett, Ray Chen, Ty Danylchuk, Tessa Fenger, Liam Hanna Lloyd, Cody Haight, Conlan Killeen, Cameron Kidd Resource(s): The Ministry of Casual Living
Posted: Nov. 26, 2015