dean wolfe profusion

jazz fusion from dean wolf's album: Profusion released Sept 2014
Story behind the video: If I could change the name of the song, I would (it's called Desire and Intimacy). But it's too late now. I would title it Profusion- and he exploding architecture is what capture that so well. To make the video, i just tried to match the images and concepts to the feel of the song in my head. It was just an evening out with my oldest boy- everyone else was out- so we had a quiet time together- just hangin. I'm blessed to live in a beautiful area in Victoria Canada- nearly hanging off the Western edge of the continent. Nature figured in large, plus solitude, intelligence/thought, home (hence the bird houses were so apropos).....and the mansion that explodes is by a famous local architect Samuel Mclure.
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Posted: Nov. 3, 2014