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Daniel Lapp
Diane Pancel - Hidden Gems of Christmas @ Hermann
Thunderbirds, Warriors, & Chiefs: George Littlechild (solo show) @ Alcheringa Gallery Nov 14 2020 - Dec 4th @ Alcheringa Gallery
COMMUNITY NIGHT: Tom Vickery Trio F. Jeff Agopsowicz & Bruce Hurn: Tom Vickery Trio @ Hermann
Ron Sexsmith @ Alix Goolden Performance Hall May 13 2021 - Dec 4th @ Alix Goolden Performance Hall
A Broadway Christmas: Ron Caissie, Sarah Odynska @ Alix Goolden Performance Hall Dec 4 2020 - Dec 4th @ Alix Goolden Performance Hall
Louise Rose Alone Together: Episode 9 @ Hermann
Edie Daponte & Friends @ Hermann
Ashley Wey Trio Originals & Festive Favorites @ Hermann
Reflecting Pool: Chantal New @ the fifty fifty arts collective Nov 12 2020 - Dec 4th @ the fifty fifty arts collective
Persuasions of colour: Donna Ion, Mary Wolfe @ The Chapel Gallery Dec 4 2020 - Dec 4th @ The Chapel Gallery
Nick La Riviere Presents: Three Community Band Charity Fundraiser Power Hour! @ Hermann
Canadian Beauty aka Ragged Glory
Early New Years Eve Party: Kelby MacNayr
Maria Manna
Solstice: Frances Beckow, Elizabeth Carefoot, Anna B Grant, Laura Feeleus, Ira Hoffecker, MJ Hughes, Haren Vakil @ Gage Gallery Arts Collective Dec 31 2020 - Dec 4th @ Gage Gallery Arts Collective
Hans Verhoeven Quartet f. Ben Henriques @ Hermann
Pablo Cardenas & Sara Marreiros @ Hermann
The Festive Brass-Coming in from the Cold! @ Hermann
Wil @ Lucky Bar Oct 16 2021 - Dec 4th @ Lucky Bar
The Blues Songs of Christmas w. The KingPins @ Hermann
UNTIL Magazine / issue 7: the prequel: Mara G. Szyp, Lena Carpenter, Stephanie Gagne, Marie Metaphor Specht, Roy Green, Haema Sivanesan, Dylan Thomas, Samantha Wood-Gaines, Richard Charter, April Winter, Shawnda Wilson, Chloe da Mata, Jack Dewgrave, Josh Ngenda @ Victoria Arts Council Nov 24 2020 - Dec 4th @ Victoria Arts Council
Charlie Brown Christmas: Music From the Network Television Special @ Hermann