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Musicians Who Have Not Confirmed in the Last 9 Months

camm saunders "testmyarms"Guitar, Bass, Vocals, Drums
Gareth Auden-HoleGuitar, Vocals, Trumpet, MANDOLINfolk, rock, drone, alt-country, accoustic
joshua caseBass, Guitar, Piano/Keyboards, Drums, little sax bari and tenor, tablas, the potfunk,slap,jazz,metal,world,
shawn mcmillanGuitar, Bass, Drums, Vocals
Ryan SempleBass
sam t.Guitar, Bass, Composition/Songwriting, recording engineer (according to my diploma)pure pop, reggae/ska, soul, shoe gazer, slop jazz
Jamie GreerVocalsemotional driven voice
Ruby "Bubz"Vocals
L.T. MooreGuitar, Harp, Piano/Keyboards, Vocals, bass guitarOriginal, R&B, Bluesy Feel
J PVocals, Guitar, Drums, Composition/Songwritingchristian, rock, contemporary
KerstinGuitar, Vocals, Violin, (fiddle)
JasVocals, Composition/Songwriting, Saxophone, Turntables, Trumpet, trombone, knobs & dials, keyboardsFunky rock - excellent at improvisation.
Jas TynanVocals, Composition/Songwriting, Turntables, Saxophone, Trombone, trumpet, keyboardfunk rock - love to jam and improvise
mike raponiGuitar, Drumshardcore, metal, punk, blues whatever
Andrew HowGuitar, Drums, Bass, VocalsJam Rock
Tim KwanPiano/Keyboards, Clarinet, Bassanything
ElijahDrumsanything and everything
samDrumsanything but blues/80'srock/metal
harryDrums, Bass, GuitarPunk \ Oi \
Chris MGuitar, Trumpet, Composition/Songwriting, Piano/Keyboardshard rock/psychadelic rock/electronic/experimental
Ryan W "Working man"Guitar, Bass, Drums, Composition/Songwriting
labs.experiment..0Vocals, Vocals, Vocals, Vocalsmine
Matt Delaney "Tupa"Drums, Guitar, Bass, VocalsPunk, Rock, Alternative
Jeff BirminghamPiano/Keyboards, Trumpet, Knobs and Dials, Composition/SongwritingFunk, reggae, jazz, pop, rock
AshleyVocalsanythingexcept country or heavy metal goes.

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