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Artist NameSong Name
StonehockerStar Flake
StonehockerMail Me A Smile
StonehockerYou Matter To Me
Pennan BraeWalk With Me
Pennan BraeStrut
Pennan BraeCrashland
The Starling EffectDrive It All Over Me (My Bloody Valentine cover) /res/icon/light2011//download.png
The Starling EffectTaking Shortcuts /res/icon/light2011//download.png
Low Winter SunRust
Low Winter SunApartment On A Hlll
Low Winter SunPolyamorous
Price TagPricetag Demo128b
Bacchus Barua Millennial Scream (Radio Edit)
Dave PrettyPricetag Demo
Summer RainWaste Away (Single)
Pernell ReichertCrazy Train
Tim Johnson QuartetBud Burst
Daniel Cook & The RadiatorsImpostor
Daniel CookImpostor
Heather FergusonStardust Master
The Dusty Boots BandSuds In The Bucket 'Country Nights'
Utility Provider02 Even Stroke
Utility Provider01 All In Time
Utility Provider03 Fold
Utility Provider07 If I Only Cared
Utility Provider06 Icicles
Utility Provider05 Grease Trap
Utility Provider04 Fraser Heights
Elaine Lakeman Elaine Lakeman 256kb
West My FriendWest My Friend - Build A Bed
Michael NewellPicturesque
Michael NewellEye For One
Michael Newell16
Michael NewellWe're Not Friends Mix 1 Mp3
Cass King & the CassettesMiss Understanding - Cass King & the Cassettes
Cass King & the CassettesBeautiful Today - Cass King & the Cassettes
Cass King & the CassettesNice Guy - Cass King & The Cassettes
Fine SpiritsThe Middle (Johnny Eat World cover)
Fine SpiritsFearless Heart (Eve Selis cover)
Fine SpiritsShe Ain't Pretty (Northern Pikes cover)
Fine SpiritsProud Mary (Tina Turner cover)
Mosaic RiddimWake Up (Pre-MASTER)
Hazen SageMirrors
Telephone SwitchesCHECK THE COIN SLOT
the TV DEAD Dreams Of The Children
the TV DEAD Queen Of The Peak
the TV DEAD Tv Dead
Hillside HooligansYou Do - Studio Vers /res/icon/light2011//download.png
Jesse MarkDraft Dodger1Feb28th
Jesse MarkThrough The Rain Clouds
Cook & MacPhersonGuitar Duo (instrumental)
The Monty Casper ProjectBakin' The Bacon!
The Monty Casper ProjectCosmos 36
The Monty Casper ProjectSolar E-Clips 17
Love In StereoI'm Eighteen(Alice Cooper cover)
Love In StereoWith A Little Help From My Friends(J. Cocker Cover)
Love In StereoAll Jacked Up! (2017 Remix)
Love In StereoFuzzy Wahzzy
Love In StereoRoll Over The Top
Dave PrettyBlues Hawks - Quick and Dirty Demo
Blues HawksRough Demo
Bijoux du BayouThe Letter Feb 2019
Bijoux du BayouHenry Moore Feb 2019
Bijoux du BayouCuchon De Lait Feb 2019
Bijoux du BayouInquieta Feb 2019
Bijoux du BayouSoy De San Luis
John Marvin ScottFreeze
John Marvin ScottChuck Ferold
Jon and RoyThe Border's There To Be Crossed
Jon and RoyWhere Has My Love Gone
Jon and RoyThat Is You
Jon and RoySeven Colts
Jon and RoyIn My Arms
Jon and RoyDamn
Jon and RoyMy Baby's Gone
Jon and RoyHeadstrong
Jon and RoyHere
One DropBig Bang
'77 ProofTry A While T2
Furniture PartyHorizon
Nomad Jones09 Could You Love Me One More Time
Teenage VioletsWolfman
Spirit CoolWhere, Oh Where
Adventures of NightgirlTransgressions (home recording)
Adventures of NightgirlAdventure soundtrack (garageband loops)
Adventures of NightgirlMorning (home recording)
Adventures of NightgirlCup Is Empty (home recording)
Adventures of NightgirlBad Wolf (home recording)
Adventures of NightgirlSummertime (rough) cut feat. Orilla
Tim Johnson QuartetTheme For Eulipions
Crashing Into ThingsCosmic Joke
Out Of The BlueOut of the Blue Have Some Fun Clip-1999
Out Of The BlueOut Of The Blue Tell Me Clip-1999
Tina PearsonPearson6'57
Joey Chaos and the GhostsFear
Cindy BullensMean In Your Heart
Cindy BullensSurvivor
Cindy BullensTime And Charges
Cindy BullensKnee Deep In Love
Cindy BullensDesire Wire
Cindy BullensHigh School History
Cindy BullensHot Tears
Cindy BullensFinally Rockin
Cindy BullensAnxious Heart
Cindy Bullens8. Raincheck On Romance
Cindy Bullens6. Too Close To Home
Cindy Bullens10. Holding Me Crazy
Cindy BullensTrack Mind
Cindy Bullens7. Powerless
Cindy Bullens5. Steal The Night
Cindy Bullens1. Full Tilt Rocker
Cindy Bullens3. Trust Me
Cindy Bullens4. Hurry Up Forever
Cindy Bullens2. Real To Real
The Victoria Jazz OrchestraBecause Of You
Maureen Washington05 St James Infirmary
Maureen Washington13 Wait A Little Longer
Maureen Washington01 Harvest Moon
WavescaperNight Surfing
WavescaperTrade Winds
WavescaperSquirrel Suit
WavescaperThe Cassini Division
WavescaperThey Call Her T
WavescaperLife Chromatic
WavescaperA Want For Something
Mike Lefebvre Shadow Of Your Smile
Mike Lefebvre Wave
Mike Lefebvre Days Of Wine & Roses
Mike Lefebvre Gentle Rain
Mike Lefebvre Rising Rain
Mike Lefebvre Amsterdam After Dark
Mike Lefebvre Time In A Bottle
Mike Lefebvre What To Do
Mike Lefebvre Song For Clarence
Mike Lefebvre Billy's Bounce
Mike Lefebvre Estate
Mike Lefebvre Song For Round Midnight
Mike Lefebvre Softly As A Morning Sunrise
Mike Lefebvre Here's That Rainy Day
Mike Lefebvre Road Song
Mike Lefebvre Sabor A Mi
Adventures of NightgirlCherry (home recording)
Adventures of NightgirlCharming 1 (home recording)
Adventures of NightgirlU.N.I Verse (home recording)
Ivy. The Pulse11 Heroine
Ivy. The Pulse10 Pushing My Buttons
Ivy. The Pulse09 Young Blood
Ivy. The Pulse05 I Wanna See Your Fight
Mold Colony Pirate's Blood
Mold Colony Space Monkey
Kaitlin DeavyTale Of The Frog
Kaitlin DeavyWandering Soul
Kaitlin DeavyFestival Song
Cat Murphy BandTale Of The Frog
Cat Murphy BandWandering Soul
Cat Murphy BandFestival Song
Jesse Day Rap Assassin
An&BenLove Is Coming True
The Gesualdo SixAbendlied (Rheinberger)
Mark HjorthoyLittle Robot Hands - That Saturday On The Rollercoaster Again
Cayla BrookeFolsom Prison Blues
Cayla BrookeOld Fashioned Love
Andrew WashMy Nine
Andrew WashMan Of The Year
Andrew WashThe Almighty King
Andrew Wash$ippin
Joesph Sydney5. Meet Me In The Middle
Joesph Sydney9. Right Or Wrong?
Joesph Sydney2. No Legs
Joesph Sydney3. Come Check Me Out
aBSYNTh of dEATh03 Righteous Flock
Echo NebraskaFollow Me
Silk Road MusicClouds-Irish Impressions
Hush Hush NoiseLongway /res/icon/light2011//download.png
Hush Hush NoiseHunter /res/icon/light2011//download.png
Richie WoodlandGoing to Kansas City
Richie WoodlandThey Call It Stormy Monday
Dave PrettySeacruze New Rough Demo
SeacruzeNew Singer - Very Rough Demo
The Joseph Merrick Band'Hit Single'
The Joseph Merrick BandE- Jam
noisebleedOrphan Son(clip)
Jesse DayGod's Plan Remix
Hush Hush NoiseMasochistic Love
Hush Hush NoiseMasochistic Love /res/icon/light2011//download.png
Black MoonWalking after midnight /res/icon/light2011//download.png
Black MoonSideways /res/icon/light2011//download.png
Black MoonGood Old Time /res/icon/light2011//download.png
Black MoonWalking after midnight
Black MoonSideways
Black MoonGood ol time
PRIMO SZNBACKROOM (Prod By. JayRewind) #6LESSED1NEZ IN HIDDEN SOUND MIXTAPE PRETRACK !!! /res/icon/light2011//download.png
Jesse DayProlly Drunk
Jesse DayLighters Up (Van City Anthem Remix) /res/icon/light2011//download.png
CarmanahGet It Together
CarmanahYou Deserve More
CarmanahWater Falling
CarmanahLong Way from Home
CarmanahAnother Morning
CarmanahSend it To Me
Jazzalele"St. Thomas" (instrumental) /res/icon/light2011//download.png
Anna Acevedo LymanSway, Quien Sera /res/icon/light2011//download.png
Eternal HelcaraxeThe Healer And The Cross
Don KellettA Manand a Woman
Don KellettGirl From Ipanema
Don KellettCharade
Don KellettBye the Time I Get To Phoenix
Don KellettOne Note Samba
Eternal HelcaraxeThe End Of All Things
Mouthful Of DaisySavages
Band of RascalsDown to You
Band of RascalsHeld in Thought (Not by You)
Band of RascalsYellow Brick Road
Band of RascalsChance Cards
Band of RascalsThe Key
Band of RascalsGiv'her to the River
Band of RascalsThe Hammer and the Harp
Band of RascalsControl
Band of RascalsReaction
Band of RascalsFell Into the Love of You
Band of RascalsSeas Coming Down
Band of RascalsAttitude
Band of RascalsLittle Longer Now
Band of RascalsHoller
Nim VindThe 21st Century LIVE in Germany
Ria DiyCherry Cola
Broken HeartsSweetheart 1981 (Live @ Olys in Victoria)
Broken HeartsNext To You 1981 (Live @ Olys in Victoria)
FullhouseFull House 3rd set "Live" at the Brass Rail, Victoria B.C. Dec 6 1987
LJ MounteneyHere in the Dark
Bad HooSurf 'n' Onions
Bad HooTalk Talk Talk
Scott Jacobs Tell Your Friends to Be There
Scott Jacobs Silent Sky
Scott Jacobs Ladder to a Pine
Scott Jacobs Indiana
Scott Jacobs Go Save Yourself
Kristen Karma BandBelieve
Kristen Karma BandDo You Believe In Karma?
Jon and RoyClever One
Rafael ZermenoSoftly as in a morning sunrise
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