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Musicians Who Have Not Confirmed in the Last 9 Months

Scott Newell "skyrocket"Bass, Guitar, Vocals, Piano/Keyboard and DrumMulti-Groove
Bryan KellyDrums, Guitar, cowbell!!!!!!d'angelo meets def lepard
MattyGuitar, Drums, BassSelf-taught from albums
jan heinrichs "janna"Piano/Keyboards, Conductor, Composition/Songwriting, Vocals, guitar, woodwindsclassical, jazz, musical theatre, classic rock
Adam Bailey "the Nefarious Maestro A*Funk"Bass (Acoustic), Bass, Knobs and Dials, Mandolin, LaptopPro's Gotta play it all.
Sam ShumkaPiano/KeyboardsJazz, Latin, Blues, Classical, among others
Adam Zonnis "The Original Sin"Vocals, Trumpet, Violin, Guitar, banjo, dij, harmonica, autoharp, lap steel, kazoo, percussionEvery style I can incorporate
Mauricio Pampin "Mau"GuitarRock, Metal
Darren WilliamsSaxophone, BassoonImprovised musics (jazz, pop, Latin, freaky, etc.)
Brandon MasonVocals, Guitar, Bass, Piano/KeyboardsSoul/Pop/Rock
Paul LaverickGuitar, Vocals, Piano/KeyboardsJazz/soul. Groovey
Ian HuttonVocalsSpoken Word Storytelling
Bethany Fast "Red", Piano/Keyboards, Composition/Songwriting, Conductor, trumpet, marching drum. cello, guitar, all keyboard percussion, trombone, baritoneall styles
Mike StringerGuitar, Drums, Piano/Keyboards
Dallas PendletonGuitar, Vocals, Bass, Composition/Songwriting, Didgeridoo/NosefluteProg Funk
Matt ShearsGuitar, Vocals, Bass, Cello
matthew hinder "optimus"Bass, Guitar, Drums, Knobs and Dials, fretlesshybrid funk/metal fusion
Mike PrestonGuitar, Drums, Vocals, Arranging, pianoImprov/Jazzy mixed with all moveable things...
Chris Quagliotti "Toffer"Guitar, Bass
Rob W.Guitar, Bass90s alt, acoustic rock, 60's and 70s power pop
Jason Brumwell "Brumy"Guitar, Composition/Songwriting, Piano/KeyboardsRock
NottaTella "GoofyGirl"Guitar, Vocals, Saxophone, Clarinet
travis marshBass, Guitar, Hand Percussion, Composition/Songwriting, dijeridoolighting and round
Jessica Leung "Jezz"Bass, Piano/Keyboards, Clarinet, tenor saxophone, flute, acoustic guitar, recorder, bassoon.
Gavin Molloy ""Mad Max"", Guitar, harmonicablues approach

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