Event Templates New

To speed up the process of listing events for venues and event presenters, we've set up the ability to create a template for your events so you can start listing with some of your fields already filled in.
Promoters, and venues list a ton of shows in our system and we are always looking to find ways to make it easier.

Now, if you have editing access to an organization/resource profile you can create and update a template, and use that template to create new shows.

Here's how it works.

1) Log into your account on the site
2) Find the venue or promoter profile you want to work with
3) Under the "resource profile options" in the top left, or under the gear icon at the bottom, select either "Set up event template" or "Edit event template"
4) Enter the basic info you want to appear on any shows you create with the template.
5) Hit "Save Template"

When you want to create a new event from the template:
1) Find the venue profile
2) Under "Resource profile options" select "create new event from template"
3) Customize the event listing, and hit update!

If you have any questions or suggestions email [email protected]