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Our database currently contains profiles for 13573 bands (3263 of them local.)  As such, you are going to want to narrow down your selection using the dropdown menus below. Remember, all profiles are kept current by the artists themselves.

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Recently Added Bands & Ensembles

    Lateforbingo (modern alternative rock)
    The Rampant (Oi!/PeacePunk)
    Kinfo (Country)
    Kia Kadiri (Hip Hop, Rap, Jazz & Pop)
    The McGillicuddys (Psycho Ceilidh Punk)
    Gone Clear (Reggae)
    Lust Life Trio (Jazz, Blues, Swing, Bop.)
    Dj Hoochie (Trance)
    The Lawn Sprinkler Systems (Rockin tunes)
    Spirit Of The West (Celtic Rock)
    Fan Tan Alley (High Energy Rock)
    Barrelhouse (Blues and Swing)
    The Revelators (Blues)
    Nemesis 49 (Electronic with touches of rock)
    Bryson (Rock & Roll)
    Tania Elizabeth (Celtic)
    Inner Culture (Experimental)
    Thundersauce (Funky Cow-rock)
    Tammy Fassaert (Folk/Bluegrass)