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Friday Sep. 16th 2011

Can't Stop the Awesome: Growler, Bloody WilmaLeonardo da Vinci Centre (No Minors) $15
Tickets at: Foo Asian Street Food 769 Yates St., Licorice for Hair 913 Gordon St.
9 - 1 doors at 8 Presented by: Chris 'Mullet Man' Mackey
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Friday Jun. 10th 2011

'E-Z Loader' Album Release Party!: Growler, Danny Kilshaw, Van DriverLucky Bar (No Minors) $10
Tickets at: Ditch Records & Cds
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Tuesday May. 31st 2011

Anvil, Growler, RotterdamCapital Ballroom (No Minors) $20 9:00pm Presented by: Atomique Productions
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Tuesday Apr. 5th 2011

Absolute Underground Records Fundraiser: Blackie and the Triumphs, Growler, Left Pocket DeadLucky Bar (No Minors) $8 9:30pm - Midnight doors at 9pm Presented by: Absolute Underground Records, BC Smoke Shop
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Friday Mar. 11th 2011

A magical night of wasted mayhem: Smoked Out Brainzzz, Growler, Last of the V8 Interceptors, Class of 1984Logan's Pub (No Minors) $10 10pm - 1am
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Friday Dec. 31st 2010

New Years Eve Party Featuring =: The High Arctic , Growler, Bells & Cannons, Fuji Hakayito, Hundy ThouLogan's Pub (No Minors) $10 11pm - 3am doors at 9pm
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Friday Sep. 24th 2010

RIFFLANDIA 3 :: D.O.A., The Keg Killers, Growler, Lesbian Fist Magnet, AmortalsREHAB NIGHTCLUB (No Minors) 7:30 - 2am doors at 7pm Presented by: Rifflandia Festival
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Friday Sep. 3rd 2010

OMFG!!!: Growler, Ball Gag n' Chain Gang, Bloody WilmaCapital Ballroom (No Minors) $10 10pm - 2am doors at 9pm
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Friday Aug. 6th 2010

Friday May. 28th 2010

Growler, Crown the Wolf, Danny KilshawLucky Bar (No Minors) $10 10 - 2 doors at 10
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Wednesday Apr. 14th 2010

Big Rock Brewery Presents The Captain's 35th: Growler, Danny Kilshaw, Maris OtterThe Upstairs Cabaret (No Minors) $7 10pm - 2am doors at 9pm
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Thursday Jan. 28th 2010

Victoria's Rock n' Roll Bastards: Growler, Gypsy Hacks & InsomniacsLogan's Pub (No Minors) $6
at the door only.
10pm - 1am doors at 9pm
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Thursday Jun. 18th 2009

ON STAGE:: Growler, Danny KilshawEvolution (No Minors) $7
Tickets at: Old School Tattoos
9pm - 2am
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Wednesday May. 6th 2009

The JJJ Comeback Special!: Growler, lust - Victoria, Danny KilshawLucky Bar (No Minors) $7 10:00pm - 2:00am doors at 9:00pm
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Saturday Apr. 4th 2009

The Return of Rock n' Roll Badasses...: Growler, Danny KilshawThe Cambie at the Esquimalt Inn (No Minors) $7
Tickets at: Ditch Records & Cds, Pig
10 pm - 1 am doors at 9 pm
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Saturday Aug. 30th 2008

Tuesday Aug. 12th 2008

COVERS FOR A CAUSE III: MONEYSHOT, Growler, espionage, Solomon Wells, The RaccoonsLucky Bar (No Minors) $5 10:00pm Presented by: Amy K, Lucky Bar
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Friday Jul. 18th 2008

Bison, Bloody Wilma, GrowlerCapital Ballroom (No Minors) $10
Tickets at: Lyles Place
10 pm - 2 pm doors at 9 pm Presented by: The Metropolitan
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Thursday Jun. 5th 2008

Mercenaries of Rock: Growler, Danny KilshawLogan's Pub (No Minors) $6 10pm - 1am doors at 9pm
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Thursday Feb. 14th 2008

A HEARTBREAKER'S VALENTINE'S: Growler, Bloody Wilma, quick, said the bird, mother died todayCapital Ballroom (No Minors) $8
Tickets at: Lyles Place
9:00 Presented by: Coral and Matt
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Saturday Dec. 22nd 2007

For The Love of Rock n'Roll Presents: MONEYSHOT, Growler, The RulebookSteamers Pub (No Minors) 10ish - 2:00 doors at 8:00
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Friday Dec. 14th 2007

The Switchblade Valentines, The Hits!, GrowlerLucky Bar (No Minors) $10
$10 adv + s/c
Tickets at: Lyles Place, Backstage Pass, Sideshow
9:00pm Presented by: Clove And Anchor Entertainment
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Saturday Sep. 22nd 2007

For The Love of Rock n' Roll Presents:: MONEYSHOT, GrowlerSteamers Pub (No Minors) $8 11ish - 2:00 doors at 10:00
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