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This tool showcases videos of artists, and resources in, or visiting our community, and credits the people creating them in a locally based, publicly available manner.

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Three Piece Suite "Live"
In this Video Artist(s) Reid Hudson, Cal Batchelor, Art Horsman
Posted: Oct. 20, 2015 via
Filmed: Jan. 1, 2009
Ghosty with Funk Vigilante - Tankman LIVE
In this Video Artist(s) Ghosty Boy, FUNK VIGILANTE, Ghosty
Posted: Feb. 14, 2018
Filmed: Feb. 14, 2018
Night Swim (Official Music Video)
In this Video Artist(s) Frankie Rose
Posted: Dec. 25, 2013 via
Gerry Pearson with the Vindicator's Whipping Post
In this Video Artist(s) Ross Damude
Posted: Nov. 25, 2015 via
Filmed: Mar. 22, 2009
Playground Hero at Harpos Cabaret
In this Video Artist(s) Rocktoria 2 1990
Posted: Dec. 29, 2015 via
Filmed: Aug. 1, 1990
Holy Smoke Last Tango Part III
Posted: Dec. 23, 2015 via
Filmed: Mar. 27, 2005
Mad Caddies - Hurricane Festival, 2012 **FULL SHOW **
In this Video Artist(s) Mad Caddies
Posted: Jun. 6, 2013
Jon Middleton at Victoria House Concert B: I Got Mine
In this Video Artist(s) Jon Middleton
Posted: Jun. 12, 2014
Darcy's Pub Promo
In this Video Resource(s): Darcy's Pub
Posted: Apr. 11, 2016
Cumberland Hotel Sam Hurrie Blues 3 songs
In this Video Artist(s) Sam Hurrie
Posted: Sep. 11, 2016
Filmed: Aug. 27, 2016
Ghosty with Funk Vigilante - Protest Music LIVE
In this Video Artist(s) Ghosty, Ghosty Boy, FUNK VIGILANTE
Posted: Feb. 11, 2018
Filmed: Feb. 11, 2018
David Rovics
In this Video Artist(s) David Rovics
Posted: Oct. 28, 2013
"go! Island" Previews 'Cruel Tears' - Shaw TV Victoria
In this Video Resource(s): Blue Bridge Repertory Theatre, Shaw TV South Vancouver Island
Posted: Mar. 23, 2016
Filmed: May. 8, 2014
Civil Disobedience - Funk Vigilante
In this Video Artist(s) Ghosty Boy, FUNK VIGILANTE, Ghosty
Posted: Jan. 31, 2018
In this Video Artist(s) Ziggy Marley
Posted: Jun. 19, 2013
Drums And Wires at Harpos Cabaret Victoria B.C.
Posted: Nov. 24, 2015 via
Filmed: Nov. 1, 1989
Ed Peekeekoot
In this Video Artist(s) Jerry Yuzon, Ed Peekeekoot
Posted: Jun. 16, 2017
Elyse Portal at The Ministry of Casual Living
In this Video Artist(s) Elyse Portal Resource(s): Exhibit-v
Posted: Nov. 26, 2015
Goodbye Stranger
In this Video Artist(s) Black Angus
Posted: Sep. 26, 2016