Past Shows for Legislature Lawns / "Parliament Building"

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Saturday Sep. 16th 2017

One Wave Gathering: 10th Anniversary! International Indigenous Arts and Culture Celebration: Lekwungen Dancers, Esquimalt Singers & Dancers, Pearls of the South Pacific, Tusitala Polynesian Dance Group, Ahousaht Dance Group, Kwakiutl Dancers, Lindsay Delaronde, NahaanLegislature Lawns / "Parliament Building" (All Ages) 10:00 am doors at 10:00 am Free Presented by: Pacific Peoples' Partnership more info

Friday Aug. 4th 2017

Free-B: Jumanji Legislature Lawns / "Parliament Building" (All Ages) 9:00pm Free more info

Wednesday Jul. 19th 2017

Amazing Thailand Legislature Lawns / "Parliament Building" (All Ages) 6-8 pm. Free more info

Friday Aug. 5th 2016

Free-B Film Festival: Space JamLegislature Lawns / "Parliament Building" (All Ages) 9 p.m. Free Presented by: Victoria Film Festival more info

Free-B Film Festival: Space Jam Legislature Lawns / "Parliament Building" (All Ages) 9 p.m. Free Presented by: Victoria Film Festival, Free B Film Festival 2017 more info

Saturday May. 21st 2016

Clan Torchlight Ceremony: Wharf Street Band, Clans at the Victoria Highland Games & Celtice FestivalLegislature Lawns / "Parliament Building" (All Ages) 8:00 pm - 9:00 pm doors at 8:00 pm Free Presented by: Victoria Highland Games Association, Victoria Highland Games and Celtic Festival more info

Thursday Oct. 30th 2014

Paint-in to save ESL Legislature Lawns / "Parliament Building" (All Ages) 12pm - 5pm doors at 12pm Free Presented by: Camosun College Student Society more info

Friday Aug. 1st 2014

14th Annual Free-B Film Festival : Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure Legislature Lawns / "Parliament Building" (All Ages) 9:00 Free Presented by: Victoria Film Festival more info

Saturday May. 24th 2014

S.A.S. Rocks the GMO Protest Rally: Special agent sunshineLegislature Lawns / "Parliament Building" (All Ages) 3 - 4 doors at 230 Free more info

Saturday Oct. 21st 2006

Vince Vaccaro Band-Adam&Antonia of Jets Overhead-Lion Thief: Vince Vaccaro, Adam&Antonia of Jets OverheadLegislature Lawns / "Parliament Building" (All Ages) 3:30pm Free Presented by: more info