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Zoubi Arros has been an artist from birth. At a young age when asked what career she aspired to, she answered, “an artist or an animal tamer.” She knew then where her life was taking her. Born on Hornby Island, she had a environment which inspired her creativity and imagination.

Her childhood consisted of having no television and being told by her father to “entertain yourself.” This encouraged her to explore her imagination and creativity.

Zoubi grew up with little interest in music, only to be inspired when she encountered her first connection with a guitar. She immediately went out and bought the affordable, Squire Strat. Little did she know the world she was stepping into. When Zoubi was sixteen years old she began by writing songs and has since then recorded over 76 songs at home and two EPs in the studio.

Her first experience with collaboration was a duet with Tanja Lindqvist in 2006. They named themselves “VitalMints.” In 2009, Zoubi met a drummer named Hayley Barr, the three of them composed the band, Rule 27.
Rule 27 preformed at a variety of venues in Victoria, namely Evolution, Logans Nightclub and Upstairs Cabaret during the 2010 Rifflandia Music Festival. In search of a chance to play more music, Zoubi discovered a live jam spot; the Fort Street Cafe. On Wednesdays, The Fort Street Cafe hosts a trios night. Here, Zoubi met oodles of talented musicians including Glen Butcher. Glen came up with the name for their band, Zoubi and the Doobies.
Today, Zoubi lives in Vancouver and the Doobies live in our capital city, Victoria. Zoubi continues to build on her musical career by collaborating with local talent.

Zoubi would like to “go confidently in the direction of her dreams and live the life [she] imagined.”*

“Possibly the future of Canadian Music” - Gary Kendall, Bluestime Productions

* Quote from Henry David Thoreau

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